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Issue Number 42, March 2018



Lindy Allen

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The Huntington Library’s Volume of the Yongle Encyclopaedia (Yongle Dadian 永樂大典)

Duncan Campbell

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The Death of Hŏ Hamjang: Constructing a Dilemma for Officialdom in Eighteenth-Century Chosŏn

Matthew Lauer

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Conflict and the Aboriginal-Boundary Policy of the Qing Empire: The Purple Aboriginal-Boundary Map of 1784

Lin Yu-ju

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Papers by Igor de Rachewiltz

Sino-Mongolica Remota

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More About the Story of Cinggis-Qan and the Peace-Loving Rhinoceros

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On a Recently Discovered MS. of Činggis-Qγan’s Precepts to His Younger Brothers and Sons

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